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John Deere 5303 tractor 5003 series

The John Deere 5303 tractor belongs to the John Deere 5003 series. John Deere 5003 Series Tractors are worth more than ever. With five models from 45 to 99 hp, the easy-to-use 9F / 3R neck shift transmission is made more efficient with a SyncReverser or SyncShuttle transmission. Plus, you can now get more traction with available all-wheel drive.
Was there a similarity? You can rely on the PowerTech TM engine and enjoy simplicity and quality you’ve come to expect from John Deere.

Main characteristics John Deere 5303

A John Deere 5303 is a two- wheel or four-wheel drive tractor from the 5003 series. The John Deere tractor that was mounted on this trailer was manufactured in Pune, Maharashtra, India from 2003 to 2008.
Powered by a 2.9-liter (179.0-cubic-inch) diesel engine with a choice of two transmissions, the SyncReverser and the SyncShuttle, it is available with nine forward gears and three reverse gears.
The John Deere 5303 Utility Tractor uses the John Deere engine. It is a 2.9 L 2,933 cm 2 (179.0 cu-in) three-cylinder turbocharged diesel engine with a cylinder bore of 106.0 mm (4.17 in) and a piston stroke of 110 .0 mm (4.33 in.). This engine produces 64.9 PS (47.7 kW; 64.0 HP) at 2,400 rpm of power.
The John Deere 5303 is equipped with hydrostatic power steering, differential wet disc brakes, two-post folding ROPS, and a 72.0 liter (19 US gallon, 15.8 Imp gallon) fuel tank.

Ease of control

A valuable tractor is of little value if it is difficult to drive.
That’s why the John Deere 5303 has easy-to-use, color-coded controls.
Orange to control tractor movement, black to operate implements and yellow to control PTO. And unlike other tractors in this price range, these levers are close at hand but out of the way. There are no cumbersome levers or controls for getting on and off the tractor.
And once on board, there is plenty of legroom and a comfortable seat.

Easy to change implements

JD 5303 tractors come standard equipped with a single rear SCV.
Two rear SCVs are available as an option. Open center hydraulic systems provides a large flow for the operation of hydraulic implements.
Perhaps the most versatile implement of all, a loader not only lets you move materials quickly and efficiently, but with the Quik-Change implement system Quick-change, you can also go from bucket to pallet fork or bale lance in seconds.

5 min
5 min

The 512 loader is a non-stationary loader, designed to be left on the tractor when not in use.
The 522 and 542 magazines are stationary magazines that can be removed from the tractor when not in use. The 542 charger is available in a self-leveling version and self-leveling and not self-leveling.


You can also equip your tractor with dual joystick control mid-mount SCVs that operate independently of the rear SCVs. Mid-mount dual SCVs give you a total of up to four.

Choose the most suitable transmission for you

John Deere 5303 tractors are available in 2 and 4 wheel drive models. Available 4-wheel drive gives you more drawbar traction and better traction when working in slippery conditions. You’ll get more power to the ground for applications that demand the most from your tractor.

Two-wheel-drive models feature the SyncReverser transmission with 9 forward and 3 reverse speeds, ideal for loader applications and other tasks that require frequent direction changes.

With the inverter’s inline synchro-shift capability, you can easily change direction without having to come to a complete stop. On-the-go gear shifting between speeds and ranges is out of sync.
Mission of all-wheel drive models, perfect when you need a Durable basic drivetrain for a mix of field work and light duty work.
You can easily select speeds or change direction without having to having to bring the tractor to a complete stop with the inverter’s inline synchro-shift capability synced online. Synchronized gear shifting for Changes on the fly with the use of the clutch. Changes between ranges are not synchronized.
Get trouble-free versatility with a durable Cat. 2 hitch.

JD 5303 powerful.

Lifts up to 3,590 pounds – more than enough for most implements.


You can place the center link in one of the three holes to implement position and tension sensing. And the lifting links can be adjusted to lateral float. Perfect for helping tools with gauge wheels or skates to follow the contour of the terrain.


You can adjust the swivel chains to suit a wide variety of implements. And an adjustable depth stop provides consistency when lowering the hook. Each time the position control lever is pushed forward, it will stop where the depth stop is set. Perfect for creating a consistent, level ground when preparing a seedbed.
Your equipment needs change with each job, but your need for robust and reliable equipment does not.

Frontier equipment doesn’t just match the colors of your John Deere tractor – the difference goes beyond the green paint. With Frontier, you get durable attachments that integrate seamlessly with John Deere tractors – and many attachments feature the easy-to-use iMatch hitch. To help you choose the right implement for your job, see your John Deere dealer, your exclusive Frontier equipment dealer.
Maintenance is easy.

Raise the hood with the integrated grab bar.
Side panels are removed for even greater access.

19 gallon fuel tank
Work a full day between refills with this large-capacity 19-gallon fuel tank, a huge advantage over competitive models.

Back and box blades

Frontier box and back blades offer exceptional durability for all your grading and dozing applications
Post excavators make post placement an easy task.
Even checking and changing the air filter is easy. It is located at the front. No special tools are needed to remove and replace the filter core.
With this translucent coolant reservoir (similar to the one in your car) you can check the coolant levels at a glance.
Checking oil levels is easy too. The fluid reservoirs and dipsticks for hydraulic and transmission oils are located near the hitch in an easily accessible position.

Our opinion on the John Deere 5303

Medium engine power, powered by diesel, remember however 3 cylinder is always worse work culture Engine, perfectly matched RPM engine running, turbocharger, 12V starter motor, oversized 24V battery, alternator for loading, rather typical lighting, very good spec PTO, no emergency braking assist, disc, rather light wet work, not necessarily on large farms or rough terrain, 2WD, control hydrostatic, synchromesh gearbox, the classic number of gears forward, backward rather the average.

This tractor has done what we asked of it: plowing, cutting hay, hauling hay, shredding, picking up objects, leveling the ground slightly, clearing drainage paths, stacking dead trees, etc. I wish we had gotten a more suitable horizontal escapement for shredding and moving the hay in and out of the barn.


I have a Kubota 7040 full cab tractor and I love it. I came across a great deal on a JD 5303 with a 512 front loader, and just started using it. It works great, but the only problem I have with it is when I’m using the fork lift, and the hub, it seems too light at the rear. My 7040 has no problem lifting 5 ’round bales, and the 5303 cannot handle a heavy round bale.

For a medium size tractor this machine has the power of a small full size. John Deere makes 3 tractors, 5301, 5302, and 5303. They are all physically the same size, and have the same 3 cylinder diesel block, but they have added a turbo and other things to get 64 hp from the 5303 engine. good size and its small frame allows me to go into places where a larger tractor cannot go. I can drag an MX10 behind it with ease and can go under low tree limbs where I can’t get to with my large tractors.

I’m a bit down on this tractor for a few minor reasons: 1) The front loader “arms” work independently. They are always out of time. Bolts break frequently. Finally I installed steel bolts where the original small bolts were and problem solved. 2) I have had the under seat pressure relief for the 3 point lift replaced twice already. Finally, JD adjusted it so that it can’t go all the way up with a brush on top. It hasn’t given me any problems since. 3) The tractor is 2 wheel drive and does not have enough weight to do a good job towing. I have had both rear tires filled with fluid and problem solved. $ 125 per tire.

I changed from a 2 wheel drive JD 5105 to this 4 wheel drive JD 5303. I liked the 5105, but it didn’t have the traction I needed for certain tasks. I found a great deal on the 5303 and have really enjoyed this tractor. I still use my 6 ‘rotary cutter from my previous purchase, but it could easily be increased in size. Pull the heavy 8 ‘3-point disc harrow with ease. This unit has a simple design and is easy to maintain. I look forward to many years and hours of dependable service.

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