Jhone Deere 5303 problem – Diesel won’t turn over

Fuel filter Problems

A week ago I discovered some problem with my tractor Jhone Deere 5303. Diesel won’t turn over! Diesel engine was working fine, but then the next day I noticed that there was a small amount of oil in the fuel filter, and the filter was replaced. After that, I noticed that the engine had a little bit of trouble starting. This morning, I discovered that the engine won’t start at all, and the computer shows that there’s no spark. I took the carb off, and tried to get the filter to turn. It wouldn’t turn, so I took the motor apart and found that the idle screws were loose. I tightened them.

Tell me what the issue is?

Make proper adjustments and look at this

  • Fuel pump, injector, and timing system were not set up properly.
  • The fuel system is not receiving sufficient fuel.
  • The fuel tank is defective. Make the necessary repairs.
  • The fuel tank is not installed properly. Replace the fuel tank.
  • The fuel filter was not installed properly. Replace the fuel filter.
  • The fuel injector was not installed properly. Replace the fuel injector.
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