AgriMetal FA720 Fairway Aerifier

Aerator Model FA 720TW Accessories

Agrimetal’s packaging blends farm machinery nostalgia with slick design. These vintage tractor, plow and harvester prints are sure to stand out in the store.
Agrimetal Aerator wheels ride on sealed ball bearings! This is maintenance free. Competitors use bushings only. Wheels can be fitted with heavy 3/4″ coring tines or rugged slicing knives. 8 tines or knives are standard per wheel. The Agrimetal FA720 is designed for heavy duty use on your biggest aeration jobs. The design is simple and proven. The 6 foot working width lets you cover up to 50 acres per day – perfect for fairways, school grounds etc.

If you’re looking for pull type or tow type, base on the Hitch (Pull Type/Tow Type) option and your required width (72″) then check out our stock list of Agrimotors. Now available at half the original price, this is a great buy on some high quality Farm Equipment.


Aerator Model FA 720TW


Price: $9,000.00

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