AgriMetal Multi-Vac 772 Lawn Leaf & Debris Vacuum PTO Driven

AgriMetal Tuff Vac 4000 Lawn Leaf and Debris Vacuum PTO 1 Accessories

The AgriMetal Multi-Vac 772 lawn and garden vacuum will leave your property transformed. Instead of trying to rake up debris, simply attach the unit’s spinning head to a PTO driven machine for automatic vacuuming with no stopping required. What would normally take hours to return your yard back to good order can now be done in minutes! The hassle is eliminated as this standard agrimetal flail finger rotary brush creates higher capacity and the exclusive internal shredder greatly increases the volume packed into our hopper. This one purchase may well save you hundreds if not thousands for years by avoiding seasonal blowing and raking expenses!

The AgriMetal Multi-Vac 772 is the blade heavy workhorse of lawn vacuum cleaners. If you’re looking to clear your trees end-to-end, take down two buildings in one day, or blow leaves off a yard 350 acres in size this product’s for you! The drum allows large volumes of debris to be collected with efficient handling and disposal.


Specification AgriMetal Multi Vac 772
Specification AgriMetal Multi Vac 772

Price AgriMetal Multi-Vac 772 Lawn Leaf & Debris Vacuum PTO Driven


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