CAL Wide Frame Pallet Forks CAL-1PFWF

Assesories for John Deere 5303 – universal Skid Steer Quick Attach for Skid Steers and Larger Tractor Loaders. CAL Wide Frame Pallet Forks CAL-1PFWF.

Pallet Forks CAL-1PFWF
Pallet Forks CAL-1PFWF

Construction Attachments, X-Treme Duty Wide Frame Pallet Forks.

XTreme Duty, Wide Frame Pallet Forks 1PFWF, 42″, 48″ & 60″ Sizes

CAL-Pallet Forks WF42CAL Wide Frame Pallet Forks CAL-1PFWF42$1,450.00
CAL-Pallet Forks WF48CAL Wide Frame Pallet Forks CAL-1PFWF48 $1,525.00
CAL-Pallet Forks WF60CAL Wide Frame Pallet Forks CAL-1PFWF60 $2,499.00

Dimensions and Characteristics

AL Wide Frame Pallet Forks CAL-1PFWF.
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Large fork legs make the Big Pallet Forks (1PFWF) the perfect pallet fork. The Big Pallet Forks (1PFWF) has huge forks on them and a large basket in the back. A large fork can be used for many jobs. There are some jobs that a large fork will do better than a smaller one. The Big Pallet Forks (1PFWF) has a large fork to make the pallet fork very easy to use and maneuver. The fork basket is great for loading and unloading small or large loads.

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