John Deere 5303 boot problem

John Deere 5303 boot problem Problems

Have a boot problem whith John Deere 5303. I have replaced the battery in my 5303 and now it won’t start. It turns very ok but no fuel. There is a fuse that blows when I turn the key and I have traced the wires to the top of the fuel pump.

What is this electrical part and do I have to replace the whole pump to fix it?

Look over the bomb. You will see the coolant temperature sensor. In that same zone there is another similar sensor with a wiring. This other sensor is called a cold start switch.
It is connected to the fuel cut solenoid at the pump. All you have to do is unplug this sensor and replace the fuse.
Replace the sensor when you can. They are not expensive.

If you follow the fuel shutoff solenoid wire from your injection pump, you will see that the harness continues towards the front of the engine and just to that sensor. I’ve made tons of them over the years! Just unplug it.
Put one on before cold weather.

If you go to your local dealer, a good kind of parts won’t even have to look for it, it’s that common.

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