John Deere 5303 fuel pump problem

John Deere 5303 fuel pump problem Problems

Have a fuel pump problem whith my John Deere 5303.

I stopped to put diesel fuel and when I removed the fuel cap I realized
that the tank had built up some kind of negative pressure, so it sounded like it just popped the top of a coke. Now the tractor won’t start. I have primed the fuel pump..
There seems to be no air in the system, but it still won’t start.

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Fuel sistem

John Deere 5303

The fuel cap breather is clogged, which is what caused the problem. Fix that first.

By drawing a vacuum in the fuel tank, you have put air into the system somewhere.
It won’t work until you get the air out of the system. Does your engine have a lift pump (fuel pump)? Check the fuel flow at the lift pump inlet and at the fuel filter.
Bleed the air from the fuel filter. Check the flow at the injection pump inlet.

Loosen all injection lines at the injectors and start the engine until air is out of the lines.
of the ducts. Crank in 15 second intervals and allow starter motor to cool.
When you no longer see air bubbles in the fuel in the injectors, tighten the injection line connectors
and you must be good to go.

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