John Deere 5303 fuel tank and filter trouble

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Have a trouble whith fuel tank and filter John Deere 5303. Since the tractor was purchased, it has never had any problems. As if no fuel had been poured into the fuel tank, the tractor wouldn’t start. The engine just spins and there is no fuel going to the injectors. I changed the fuel filter and bled the lines, and there is fuel to the injector pump, but none to the injectors. Hammered on the injector pump and it started right up. After it had run a few hours, I turned it off. It started again the next morning but didn’t have any fuel due to the injector pump. Any ideas on the fuses?

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You tapped the injection pump, and it started, so I believe your fuel solenoid is stuck.

You should see a wire going to the fuel shut-off rack on the pump, this is the solenoid for the shut-off of the fuel. Put a jumper wire on it and you should sound a slight click.

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