John Deere 5303 hydraulic brakes problem

jd 5303 hydraulic brakes Problems

The left brake of the John Deere 5303 seems to drag.
Is there any way to adjust it?

JD 5303 Hydraulic brakes

There is actually a brake valve adjustment that I have seen
Points 20 and 21 are the brake pedal stop screws.
On two different occasions
I have found these set screws loose and backing up slowly
and prevent the pedal from returning to the end.If the pedals are uneven,
If the pedals are uneven you would suspect this is the problem Loosen the locknut and turn the screw until it comes in contact with the pedal, then remove the screw until contact the pedal and turn out two more planes of the screw head. Tighten the locknut in that position.

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