John Deere 5303 hydraulic problem

John Deere 5303 hydraulic problem min Problems

I started ripping an old fence tonight and my 5303 John Deere started giving me some problems. Steering and charger are really slow and jerky. I checked the fluid level and it was fine. I was able to rev the engine and the loader moved a little better but not much.

I used it for about 15 minutes and then I parked it in the barn. When I cut the tractor I could hear air coming from somewhere near the rear.

I pulled out the dipstick where the hydraulic fluid is checked and there was a lot of pressure behind it and a lot of air was coming out. Any ideas? I’m thinking that maybe it’s the air intake
somewhere on the suction side? Or the filter could be clogged?

John Deere 5303 hydraulic
John Deere 5303 hydraulic min

I assume it is a synchromesh or regular transmission if a John Deere 5303.
The transmission should have a vent like when the dipstick was pulled out It shouldn’t have been the pressure / air release. Like cfpinz said he would change ASAP / oil filter and use only JD-Hygard also what TGF said about
the round screen it takes out needs to be cleaned. I know oil is expensive but the damage / cost the wrong oil can do is unreal. When you leave the old oil out the look is up close to see if there is anything on it like brake particles that could stop the pumps / screens / vents etc. I know some use another oil hopefully, but with a JD I only use Hy-gard hydraulic oil.

The first time I cleaned the rear grill of my JD it was covered in metallic particles and I think it was around 600 hours, I also changed the hydraulic oil and the filter then with OEM. The next couple of times I’ve pulled the screen it had very little on it (around 1200 hours and 1800 hours.) I bet TGF is right that the screen is restricting flow if it hasn’t been cleaned in 1200 hours.

I’m also going to add John Deere Hy-gard Hydro to that oil. I tried what I thought was the best hydraulic oil in my John Deere, since there was no distributor very close, and after about 20 hours the brakes started to make a
scraping sound. I drained it immediately and put Hy-gard on.
They started working fine as soon as I put it on as is to be expected no damage like it has been a while.

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