John Deere 5303 new brakes

john deere 5303 new brakes Problems

I am in the process of putting new brakes on John Deere 5303. When I have the
first side, the pressure plate was seized. They told me that the little ones.
They told me the little return springs were part of the problem and not to put them back.
Has anyone else had any experience with the JD 5303 brakes sticking?
Did you put the springs back when you put them back together?

John Deere 5303 new brakes min
John Deere 5303 new brakes min

The return springs have been the source of the brake drag problem in some cases. I have never tried to leave them out. Springs act as pins to align the pressure plate and not sure if things would work out right
without them.

Deere has redesigned the springs a couple of times, so I would recommend replacing them with the new design. If anyone could If someone designed a pin that would replace the return springs,
I think that would work fine.

Are any of our machinist members willing to give what a try? Make the pin a sliding fit in the axle housing. That would do make them similar to older tractors before the return springs were installed.

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