John Deere 5303 PTO problem

John Deere 5303 Tractor 11 inch Clutch Kit John Deere 5303 clutch problems

John Deere 5303 PTO is slow to engage and when it does, it lacks power take off without power.

John Deere 5303 PTO
John Deere 5303 PTO

The power take-off usually has a clutch that has to be actuated for you to select
the PTO rotation setting.I had such a problem on my tractor and everything
I needed was a small adjustment to the PTO clutch lever, so I could
disengage the gearbox from the PTO properly.

Check and adjust the RIO (implement reversing option) switch near the transmission, if equipped.
What happens when the feed pedal is depressed and the blades are actuated?
Also check the lower bearing of the PTO clutch for binding.

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