Rear blade for Johne Deere 5303

Bison NVH 240 Problems

I would appreciate the advice of experienced users as for a back blade that coincides with the capabilities of this tractor. It will be used to keep a path of 100 yards and other ways and maybe ditches on a property of 80 acres.
With wavy landscape, partially wooded with a stream and ponds, also cleaning the snow.
I really can not afford a hydraulically adjustable blade and I will settle for Manual settings, but I need something solid without breaking the bank.

Bison NVH 240 min
Bison NVH 240 min

I use a box blade to keep an entry path of 1/3 mile long and looks like a walkway when I’m done. The normal back blade can not perform that task so well.
However, the box blade can not move the snow as a back blade. I have both. The rear Back and Fel for snow does a great job. BB for leveling of land and maintenance to maintain. If I had to choose between the two, I would probably go with a back blade Rear and saved for BB.

But in the end I had to ask for an IFE NVH-240 Bison, I went with the Heavier sheet that could afford. The NVH-240-XHD is a little heavier Still, but I did not want the function of hydraulic displacement.

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