Tractor John Deere 5303 3 Point Field Cultivator Fred Cain 15 Shank Category II

Fred Cain 15 Shank Category II Accessories

Break new ground or break up the hard pan in a field with this 15 Shank, Category II 3 point hitch without bending! The main beams have 1 inch spacing to easily adjust the shank width. With an exceptionally heavy duty design our shanks are constructed using 1″ x 2 5/8″ angle iron that is heat treated for strength and does not bend if they hit an obstruction in your fields. This model comes with reversible standard ground engaging points for longer use of your cultivator. It weighs 900 lbs., 131 inches long, and has a category 2 three point hitch, which means it’s built tough enough to make you work smart on your farm.

Specification 3 Point Field Cultivator

Ca 5560″250 Lbs.
Ca 7785″400 Lbs.
Ca 9985″450 Lbs.
Ca 1111105″500 Lbs.
Ca 1313113″800 Lbs.
Ca 1515131″950 Lbs.
Ca 1919173″1100 Lbs.

Price 3 Point Field Cultivator Fred Cain 15

Price: $3,220

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