Tractor John Deere 5303 Panel problem

John Deere 5303 Panel problem Problems

I have a problem with a John Deere 5303 tractor. A number of gauges on my John Deere 5303 have stopped working. The problem does not appear to be an electrical issue. Because mine did not have anti-fog glass, moisture has built up inside the panel. Does the new instrument panel come with all the gauges if I need to replace the instrument panel? Is this a one-time event or did it happen over time? Does the instrument panel work on both sides?

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All the fuses are out, so I’d check all of them again, starting with the 10 amp fuses (see manual below) then the ground wire, and the power wire for the instrument panel. A black wire is normally the ground.

See the technician. On the 5303, wire number 022 goes to a 10 amp fuse, then goes to wire 072 which powers the cluster.

Before taking anything part disconnect the negative cable at the battery or where it connects to the frame.

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