Tractor John Deere JD 5303 won’t start.

John Deere JD 5303 Problems

Tractor John Deere JD 5303 won’t start. It worked early in the day, then later it cranks more, but no
This is what I have tried:
I assumed there was water in the fuel so I emptied the fuel filter. Then I reinstalled the filter
and used the hand pump over the filter to push the fuel through the lines. Does not start.

I sprayed some on the intake and it lit up once, so it confirmed to me that it was
fuel shortage problem.

I can get the fuel to leak at the inlet fitting to the injector pump, and at two of the
bottom fittings, but no leaks on any of the three lines to the cylinders. Watch
Attached photo.

The dealer said he would check the cold start sensor fuse; he found the fuse to be blown and replaced it.
He said to disconnect the sensor wires under the rubber cap that covers the connection to the injector pump.
injector. The fuse didn’t blow, but it still won’t start.

What other possibilities could there be?

Screenshot 64
  1. Fuel cut solenoid does not move to run position. A little leak where you have the
    Loose lines suggest that the pump is not moving any fuel.
  2. The wire under the rubber cap should actually have 2 wires. Did you leave one connected? II normally unhook the plastic connector coming out of the sensor. In your photo, it isdirectly behind the injection pump towards the front of the engine. Solenoid is insideinjection pump. If you connect 12 volts to the terminal under the rubber cover, you should hear a click.a click should be heard. It’s not very loud, but you can hear it.
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